Water. Wonderful World

Our goal is to help develop the right solutions to start your water transformation.
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Optimal Health
Helping you feel better, look exceptional and increase your well-being.
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Water For Performance
Think quicker, move faster. Gain more energy, clarity and creativity with the right water.
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Planetary Health
Live clean, reduce waste and cultivate a pure and toxic free environment.

Flowing with you on your Water Journey

For People and Planetary Health

Building a New Water Experience

A new website experience for conscious individuals.
Our aim is for you to have an exquisite experience of water’s true nature and gain the full benefits of a complete water transformation.

New Water Philosophy

Changing our relationship to water.

Our 4 step water-revitalisation PRAE model/experience combines conventional knowledge with traditional and frontline pioneering science and is in all our designs, systems and architecture.
Remove the physical, chemical & microbiological contaminants.
Remove vibrational contaminants & create an organised structure.
Inform with organising energies.
Harmonise the environment to maintain water integrity & stability.
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Understanding water through story

Water Stories Podcast

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Deep dives into the very fabric and essence of life weaving the subtleties and multi-dimensionsal, transciplinary aspects of the creative element water, from timerless ancertral wisdom to pioneering new science to the source of our consciousness. A fundamental shift in our relationship to all things, all beings, all life.
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Special Water Projects.

Bespoke and customised services for any water project large or small, using our multi-layered team, global water experts and think tanks to assist any business, process or organisation in defining and delivering complex water issues, challenges and concepts.
Our experience and research of available water treatments together with knowledge of solutions gives us the capability to advise clients on the best environmentally focused solutions.
Water Systems Design & Architecture
Identification, analysis and definition of innovative approaches to water security, sustainability and regenerative solutions including climatic adaption and water efficiency strategies.
Innovative Water Technologies
Integrating new water technologies synergistically, water revitalisation, future water research, precision engineered solutions.
Exquisite Experiences of Waters
Precision engineered solutions that finesse water quality for the ultimate boutique water experience alongside hydration strategies, specialist and fine waters and understanding through water education.
100% Water Focused Approach