Change your water, Change your world  

Interconnected disharmonious systems are negatively conditioning our entire existence, the result being one of collective devastation on humanity and the planet, an almost whole system failure with all biological life affected. 

New water technologies and new measurement technologies allowing new scientific paradigms and new insights into the fundamental nature of water have been developed with their application in various trials, studies around the globe in all sectors shows an almost limitless list of benefits.

Water is the key to many solutions and is proving itself to be critical for all things. 

Health and longevity

Pioneering science shows the water in the body has structures, which in the event of a breakdown or lack of coherency shows the development of an illness or pathology and a compromised immune system. Whilst the roles of water in the body are just being fully realised it shows water does not play a passive role but a more holistic organisational role. 

Being 99% molecularly water the impact of water on overall health cannot be underestimated. The quality of the water structure is thus critical for graceful ageing, optimal health and the prevention of disease.

Performance and creativity

The most structured and ordered water is found within the brain where the quality and quantity of water is crucial to how it produces concepts, behaviour patterns and ethics. A 1-2% loss of fluid causes a reduction in mental clarity, performance, short term memory and loss of focus. 

Water is a (short term) influencer of both mental and physical performance. Even mild dehydration has far-reaching, debilitating effects physically and mentally affecting muscle performance, electrolyte balance, strength and aerobic power. Infusing the body’s cellular water with bio energetically invigorating optimal water is key to realise our fullest potential.

Beauty and Youthing 

When we revitalise and structure the life-giving element of water every organ, tissue, cell, molecule benefits within the body to promote longevity and preserve optimal health. 

Drinking or bathing in invigorating, bio energetically activated water with a higher absorption,  the body is brought back into a natural balance. Skin conditions improve, skin elasticity returns, hair becomes luxurious, softer with higher growth  and muscles, joints and our entire metabolism is wholly revitalised. The fountain of youth within us returns. 

Home and Lifestyle 

Creating a home water eco system to facilitate efficient water solutions for the whole house including drinking, washing, shower, bathing, cooking, heating, garden and then for on-the-go travel includes all the multitude of benefits you’d see at scale across commercial, industry and agriculture (home and garden, house plants, greenhouse). 

The average western usage of water is approximately 120-150litres per day of direct use per person (indirect is circa 2300-4000 litres per person). Ensuring this is stored, treated and utilised impacts all generations from babies to elders offering a route to optimal health, performance, creativity in a harmonised home environment.


Water is a finite resource and by understanding how to protect its quality, we can enhance our water supply and ensure we preserve and protect our resources, aquifers and landscapes for future generations. We can also look to reverse any damage done to water before returning it to the environment. 

When we begin to understand the sensitivity of water to its environment and the effects of surfaces, materials, movement, light, sound and even deep within our own consciousness we can copartner with water in a new way to create water infrastructures in harmony with nature that make pollution obsolete and control, even eliminate harmful bacteria, algae, microorganisms and viruses.


15 trillion litres of water per year are extracted for human use using inefficient technologies, inefficient processes and legacy conventional thinking having an incalculable effect on the environment, pollution and the climate. 

With deeper understanding, use of efficient technologies requiring zero maintenance we can significantly reduce water and energy consumption, enhance water efficiency, reduce temperatures required, reduce consumables, reduce cleaning requirements, protect and extend the lifespan of all equipment and produce improved thermal and climatic environments.

Food and drink, breweries, wineries, juices, bottling 

The quality of any produce depends on the water hence any process in the food and drinks industry can get significant improvements with revitalising the water into an invigorating energy-rich structured activated water. A balanced and healthy diet is based upon the use of high quality waters. The complete gastronomic experience begins with well sourced, grown and prepared foods all of which depends upon the soil and quality of water. 

Aromas and ingredients can take on their full extent offering an explosion of flavours, a full bodied taste experience and a more satisfied customer. With a delayed oxidation, increased shelf life and preservation leads to less waste. 

Commercial, bakeries, hospitality, hotels, gastronomy 

Using nature’s design language application into the commercial environment yields significant advantages with a new level of efficiency and quality. Any process using invigorating energy-rich structured activated water that is in harmony with nature’s rthyms and cycles is improved. 

The efficiency of any process when using heat or consumables is enhanced with significant savings in water consumption, energy usage creating a superior thermal and climatic environment. With greater efficiencies comes greater productivity and significant financial savings alongside a reduced, towards zero footprint. With an ever increasing environmentally orientated client base it offers more resonant environmental and responsible messaging.  

Industry, Construction, Textiles, Automotive 

The use of water and discharge from both industry and agriculture is astronomical leading to a complete denaturing, destructuring, destruction of water in the environment, the air, soil and water.  Using water revitalising technologies and efficient water modelling (P.R.A.E) offers a more optimum heat exchange rate and transfer, more effective, better heat conductivity, lower heating costs, reduced corrosion in water distribution pipelines, metallic parts, pumps and accessories 

Increasing productivity and efficiency over many processes and sectors reaps enormous benefits in consumption reduction, energy usage, even the elimination of pollution. It offers  significant financial savings and environmental protection across virtually all industry sectors from construction, textiles and printing to automotive and energy production.

Agriculture, horticulture, permaculture, plants and animals 

Revitalising and structuring our water can dramatically improve plant yields and shelf life and the health and quality of livestock. Using combinations of revitalisation technologies we can create the right water in which living organisms can significantly thrive, improving cell rejuvenation and growth.

The results can be astonishing with a recognisable and measurable result in the overall health, growth and quality of plants dramatically reducing the need for fertilisers and pesticides. For livestock, poultry and piggeries and equine shows an increased immunity for animals, sense of wellbeing all of which contribute to increased profits.

Financials, green economies 

The costs of inefficient processes, hard water, trade waste, pollution, environmental clean-up, consumables, wastage and non-circular non-regenerative business approach is currently unsustainable. Structured water solutions are engineered to deliver a multitude of health, performance and environmental benefits to humans, animals and plant life, giving both direct and indirect financial savings across all environments.

Using both restorative and preventative measures lend to greater productivity and higher quality produce and work. Improved environmental conditions look to reduce sickness, ill health and poor performance, breeding a culture of wellness and higher productivity offering significant financial savings and earning potential across a range of social, environmental and operational sectors. 

“Many solutions for humanity are found within our capacity in each of us to connect with water’



Michael Kraus, World Water Gathering