Where do I fit the filter?

The ultrafiltration filter can be positioned at various locations:

  1. Under the sink intended for use.
  2. A remote place (any kitchen cupboard, under stairs, outside etc)

Do I need to know the exact install location before I buy?

We recommend you have a general idea where you think it will go and where you would like it installed. Our expert installers and after sales installation process will refine that choice for you.

How do I know if it will fit my property? 

Each unit has the dimensions in the technical section so you can see how much space you will need.

Who can install?

We recommend a qualified plumber or if you have someone with competent D.I.Y skills. We do offer an install service and give guidance all the way through.

Service and Maintenance

As soon as we know when you have installed the system, let us know and we will remind you near the time, when we recommend the media is changed. Most of our media is long lasting, the optional softener option (filter #3) will require some regular maintenance (3-6months), 

For more info and installation guides and service see our help and resource centre.