Precision crafted unique powerful vortex combinations of crystals, semi-precious gems and noble metals immersed in vortex chambers with combinations specifically chosen for their harmonious effect. Constructed according to the “golden section” producing geometrical vortices and coherent patterns of energy’. These amplify and accelerate the water invigorating and infusing much higher frequencies into the water and the energy field of the environment

Probably the most advanced, geometrically perfect, versatile counter-top system existing. Light years ahead. 


  1. Deep Ultra Filtration, Bacterial Removal and Softening option
  2. Dynamic Implosion Vortex Movement 
  3. Crystal Gem Drinking water tuned to harmonic vibrations
  4. Resonant Materials Precision Cut to Sacred Geometric Proportions 
  5. Easy installation, Quick Fit Filter Release, screw-on vortex 


Suitable for…

  • Inner Cities/Urban Environments (Trio)
  • Rural/Natural/Private Water Sources (Duo)
  • Adventure and Frequent Travellers (Solo)


The Foundation for Optimal Health and Beauty begins by ensuring the structure and architecture of the body is fuelled by life-invigorating waters:

Health, Wellness and Beauty

  • Revitalised Crystal-Gem Ultra-Purified water
  • Increased vitality and radiance 
  • Boosts immunity and increases detoxification


Performance and Creativity

  • High-vibrational water for subtle gains and clarity
  • Improved energy, brain function and cognitive performance 
  • Optimal cellular hydration



  • Infinite supply of high vibrational water 
  • Removes pollutants and effects of pollutants 
  • Creates a coherent field when in flow  
  • Maintenance free vortex