PRAE™ Philosophy

4-Step Water Revitalisation Model

Water: Revitalised – ReWilded – Redefined

Changing our relationship to water.

Our 4 step water-revitalisation PRAE model combines conventional knowledge with traditional and frontline pioneering science and is in all our designs, systems and architecture.


Remove the physical, chemical & microbiological contaminants.


Remove vibrational contaminants & create an organised structure.


Inform with organising energies.


Harmonise the environment to maintain water integrity & stability.

The size of the problem

Litres every year

Every year 15 Trillion litres of water are taken out of nature for all human purposes; domestic, commercial, industrial and agricultural, with no regard for its dynamic flow, natural rhythms and true nature.

Tonnes every day

Every day 2M tonnes of sewage, industrial and agricultural wastes are discharged into the world’s waters. The cost of this extraction, denaturing and destructuring to the life-giving dynamic properties of water is incalculable and is probably the biggest contributor to climate breakdown.

Our solution

By applying all processes to this model either from design or retrofit existing infrastructure it offers a roadmap for a complete restoration of our waters back to  their natural state in a clean, toxic-free, harmonised environment. The model allows us to align all our processes and infrastructure to be in harmony with nature’s natural cycles and rhythms.

Water Properties


Key Uses


Effortless Change. Infinite Benefits

Water Properties

The PRAE model combines the physical-material properties of water with its energetic-informational properties into one easy model allowing us to emulate the quality, energy and flow of a natural water source in harmony with its surroundings.

The 4 steps completely revitalises damaged water giving back the information it needs to rebuild itself and become clean, fresh, balanced, organised, life-enhancing full spectrum living-water flowing exactly as nature intended.

At a deeper level the PRAE model mimics the flow of water throughout the hydrological cycle, a process we call hydro-mimicry.


The emerging science and discoveries of water makes it possible to now view the complex nature of water and its relationship to a healthy environment.

Water’s incredible sensitivity shows how it flows throughout the body, throughout nature, how sensitive it is to cosmic events and even how it is connected to the dynamics of human consciousness.

The PRAE™ model respects all these sensitivities, notably the effects of …

  • Surfaces
  • Materials
  • Movement
  • Sound
  • Light
  • Environment
  • Consciousness

Key Uses

Managing and treating water in accordance with nature’s principles of rhythm and flow

Creating water systems that emulate the quality, energy and flow of natural spring water

Providing an understanding of water’s true nature

Redefining water quality

Offering a roadmap to end all pollution

Water Quality Redefined

It is essential water is contaminant free and contains the right minerals. The presence of all the right elements however, is not enough to create and sustain life. Only when the right elements are organised structurally with the capacity to absorb, store and convey natural energy and information in an environment that supports it can we return water to the fresh, flowing healthy state that nature intended.





‘We’ve structured our products so you know exactly how they fit according to the model


A full PRAE system offers you unlimited amounts of spring quality, highly biologically energised, structured flowing water … for life.

It’s simply plug and play.

And all you need to do is drink the water.