Chrome Inline Refillable Ceramic Shower Filter


HIgh grade chromium finish shower filter with patented ceramic combination to reduce chlorine, chlorine derivatives and bacteria. 

Suitable for all shower fixtures with ½” BSP male/female connectors. Fits in minutes, refills in minutes. Ideal to used in conjunction with a vortex showerhead for sensational bathing experiences.


HIgh grade chromium finish styled to suit even the highest quality showers. 

Blended Ceramet & Anti Bacterial Ceramics with added Hydrogenation media. Removes and reduces chlorine, chlorine derivatives and bacteria. The media contained within our shower filters, called CERAMET produces active oxygen which kills bacteria and naturally restructures the water to stop scale forming. offers some very important benefits for your health and wellbeing. 

This media should be replaced every 12 months.

Activated Ceramet 

  • Advanced hydrogenating H+ for selective antioxidant protection from Reactive Oxygen Species (ROS) which cause cellular damage, promotes tissue hydration. 
  • Controls and kills bacteria notably Ecoli, Salmonella, Staphylococcus aureus.
  • Removes Fluoride, trace heavy metals
  • Balances pH, produces Far Infra-Red
  • Stops formation (99%) of hard scale in pipework and equipment 


  • Stylish modern design
  • Fits most showers including fixed shower heads.
  • Large media volume for longer life.
  • New cartridge design
  • Available in either standard or hydrogenating media formats.


  • Significantly decreases the amount of chlorine and bacteria in your shower water, making the water safer and gentler for everyday use. 
  • Reduces the development of skin problems (e.g. eczema risk) and other diseases.   
  • Prevents skin dryness, aging, peeling, itching, thereby ensuring a healthy, resilient skin
  • Better absorption of skin nourishing natural cosmetics and shampoos etc.
  • Helps prevent soap scum build-up – Promotes better health, skin and hair.
  • Reduces harmful chlorine – Enhances pH balance – Eliminates absorption of harsh chemicals

Comparing plastic shower filters to our Premium Shower Filter, this latest product has a captivating appearance and harmonises with any kind of carefully designed bathroom  and gently blends in with the environment.

Used in combination with our stunning Crystal Vortex Showerheads provides for a unique experience of the true power of water when it’s clean, activated and flowing dynamically in accordance to nature’s rhythms. 

Additional information

Weight 0.41 kg
Dimensions 60 × 9 × 11 cm


Dimension: 100 long x 50mm dia

Package size: 110x90x60mm

Weight: 380g

Connections: 1/2″ BSP- male/female connection

Filter type: refillable cartridge 

House material: Chrome plated copper

Optimum flow rate: 10 – litres per min


Detach your shower rose from its mount, screw the filter on the mount and reattach the rose to the filter. The filter is ready to use.

Filtration life of 9 to 12- months between refills.

Note: Please check your shower system has reasonable water pressure, some gravity fed systems produce very low water pressure and will affect spray performance.



Ceramics play an important role in the natural filtration and purification of water. The combination of ceramics offer both bacterial removal and far infrared properties. This in terms has an activation effect on the water followed by a structuring effect. When dispersed into the environment produces a localised clean field rich in negative ions.


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