Crystal Vortex Showerhead – Bronze Ruthenium ‘Tharan Beria’


Revitalise    Activate    Environment

Precision crafted showerhead combining noble metals, exquisitely cut crystals and precious gems immersed in Crystal Vortex Implosion Chambers using Aquadea Light Crystal Technology.

The zenith of the technological development of the crystal vortex chamber technology resides within Tharan Beria born out of the necessity for protection from the current global situation. This premium configuration showerhead brings the flow of energy into stagnant blocked areas whilst accelerating it into establishing or strengthening one’s own integrity guiding us to self-liberation. ‘Tharan Beria’ meaning ‘powerful protection’, translates from Sindarin. ~ Strong protection – Power – Purifying 

Base Metal: Bronze
Vortex Chambers: Bronze Ruthenium, Centre Gold Capped
Middle Crystal: Garnet
Area Crystals: 2x Black Tourmaline
Area Crystals: 1x Noble Shungite
Area Crystals: Quartz 

‘Jewellery for the soul’

A unique combination of different qualities and tones of noble metals, crystals and gems to form an exquisite shower experience that not only sensually massages the hair and skin but creates an energy field that structures the showering environment. Each element has its own distinctive vibration and effect, and when combined with geometry and vortexing a ‘soundscape’ with dynamic flow is created which elicits a musical vibrational tones into a perceptible experience. The experience is one of distinctive and subtle vibrations within the root tones of gold, silver, platinum group metals and plasma merging with the overtones of the crystal variations which are all mirrored and encased within the surrounds of a pure untainted bronze bell. 

Showerheads that support you on a journey to achieve a personal state of harmony where the end result is a coherent structured water and environment full of vitality and information that nurtures the soul and informs your consciousness.

Guiding Principles:  Each Crystal Chamber integrates the following 7 guiding principles each of which unite within the chambers to produce a coherent field of consciousness into the environment: 

  1. Vortex 
  2. Dynamics - Movement - Implosion
  3. Sacred Geometry iaw Golden Ratio
  4. Crystals 
  5. Noble metals 
  6. Precision craftsmanship 
  7. Harmonious Combination

Additional information

Weight 0.67 kg
Dimensions 30 × 9 × 9 cm


  • Sensual Massaging 
  • Detoxifying for Skin, Hair 
  • For Softer and Purer Skin 
  • Revitalising and Energising 
  • High Oxygen input 
  • Meditative Mindset 
  • Enhancing Creativity 
  • For Letting Go 
  • Light for travel 
  • Precision craftsmanship


Showerheads are defined by 4 characteristics: 

  1. Flow Sensation (and geometry of flow) 5, 6 or 7 vortex chambers 
  2. Base noble metal (root tone)
  3. Vortex Implosion Cell/Chamber (overtone)
  4. Crystal (overtone) 

A layer of noble metal is placed on top of the purest form of bronze as the ‘bell’ and corresponds to the root tone.

The choice of 5, 6 or 7 vortex chambers are then encased on top. These can be encased in the same base root tone metal as the base itself, or be different to the base root tone metal and combined with a crystal (in various cuts) as the overtones. 

1. Flow Sensation:
The choice of either five or seven vortex cells within the showerhead allows you to choose and immerse your senses in different soundscape sensations.

Gentleness 5 Vortex-Cells
With the gentleness of five vortex cells it’s like being enveloped in gentle country rain, ionising the air with an ethereal, fine and uniform distribution.
Flow rate 8-12 litres/min at 2.5 bar

Intensity 7 Vortex-Cells
The intensity of seven vortex cells is like standing within a waterfall. Due to the arrangement of the 2 additional cells a stronger central stream of water arises,
producing a subtle massaging effect along with a powerful transference of the vibrations into the water and surrounding air.
Flow rate 8-14 litres/min at 2.5 bar

2. Root Tone

A pure bronze bell shower head has the ability to transfer the finest sound waves and high frequencies. A layer of noble metal is layered on top and corresponds to the root chord. Pure crystals, precious gems and stones are encased within the vortex cells to provide a variety of overtones.

Root tones: Bronze
Others available:

3. Vortex Cells/Chambers

Crystal Vortex Chambers using Aquadea Light Crystal Technology

The foundational form of the vortex cell is the golden ratio and the geometries of the Flower of Life and the Fibonacci-Sequence to produce geometrical vortices and coherent patterns of energy. It is calibrated to within 1/100mm to uphold these geometries.

The vortex cell amplifies and accelerates the water through the vortex into an ever narrowing space invigorating the water, enriching it with oxygen and infusing it with much higher frequencies.

When water flows through this exact geometrical structure a Torus field builds up in the centre. Coherency simultaneously arises and builds within the geometry, the water, crystal, noble metal and the torus field which expands into an energetic field into the environment for you to experience.

The basic frequency of the vortex cell corresponds to the Solfeggio frequency of 528Hz which assists in:

Expanding Heart Chakra
DNA Reparation
Deeper connection

The choice of noble metal is the same as the root base tone. Either the same noble metal as the base can be used or each cell/chamber can be individualised yet synergistically chosen to provide a harmonious combination.

4. Crystal Overtone:

When the water impacts the crystal the force from the subsequent vortex-chamber elicits the crystal structure unique vibrations bringing forth its own very special overtone. The pureness and precision of the crystal vortex-chambers are complimented with the root tone of the Showerhead base noble metal allowing for a unique sonic composition and soundscape to be created and experienced.

Crystals and Metals


As the rarest of the platinum metals the tone of ruthenium is one of endurance and continuity, releasing new energy especially when beginning new ventures. It carries the vibration of stability to the achievement of noble goals. If feeling under pressure or stress the pureness of the vibration of ruthenium offers equilibrium and relaxation offering support in dissolving internal conflicts and in finding joy in your activities. Ruthenium helps you to break new ground and to persevere, even if you repeatedly encounter resistance.


Belonging to 1 of 29 stones known since ancient times where the cornerstones of life are generated.  Most commonly thought of only as red garnets, called pyrope but are also available in other colours. Whilst red promotes grounding and protection the garnet series amplify energies, protection, manifestation, transitions and revitalises energy, overcoming trauma, getting rid of limiting ideas and beliefs. Properties such as willpower, self-confidence and success are assigned to the garnet serving well in relationships and friendships by giving hope and trust in dealing with other people.

LATTICE: Isometric

CHAKRA: Red—root, orange-red or brown—sacral, green—heart


Clear quartz amplifies the power of any crystal it works with. Its hexagonal Lattice works with the crown and all other chakras enabling connection to the Divine and higher consciousness. Working through all conditions as the master healer for protection, cleansing and purification, amplifying energy and thought, clarifying thoughts and beliefs, balancing body-mind-spirit and improving concentration.

LATTICE: Hexagonal

CHAKRA: Crown, all other chakras


In ancient times, magician’s used black tourmaline was used to ward off “demons.” Along with absorbing negativity and providing protection, which can help purify environments where a lot of emotional negativity has occurred. For Psychic protection, protection against negativity, grounding, stress release, cleansing of negative emotions. It allows for a relaxed, more neutral posture when faced with situations of stress or tension and to grasp developments and situations from a larger context in relation to the past, present and future. It can control any developments bringing them to a harmonious conclusion, acting as a ‘bringer of light’ which can quickly create access to higher levels of consciousness. For the promotion of awareness and creativity it unfolds its full strength in the root chakra but extends to virtually all chakras.

LATTICE: Hexagonal


Noble Shungite

Carbon compound with special internal geometric structure. It conveys great strength on multiple levels. Its activation energy can be supportive in letting go of old habits, any baggage and destructive thoughts. 


All showerheads fit directly into a standard ½” fitting. 

Various adaptors are available for alternative fittings and fixtures. 

How best to use

  • Discover the ideal intensity, either for a more revitalising pressure or relaxation pressure by adjusting water pressure. 
  • Stand under the shower for a stimulating massage or in the field created by the shower.
  • Guide your shower head along your body meridians and along the reflex zones of the feet. 
  • Supplement the experience by adding a few drops of olive oil dripped into the showerhead and then with essential oils. The aromas, produces and wraps you in a subtle and beautiful emulsion for skin and soul. 
  • For the ultimate bathing experience attach the shower grip via the enclosed clip to the edge of the bathtub and let your bath water flow be gently vortexes into the tub.



Revitalise    Activate    Environment

Revitalise – Activate – Environment

Revitalising multiple vortex cells activated by noble metals and precision cut crystals that emerge into a coherently energised environment allowing your consciousness to expand to new heights.


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