Ceramic-Carbon Media Replacement Cartridge (Drinking Water Engine)


Combined Granulated Activated Carbon and Blended Ceramic Media 

for Deep Filtration, Anti-Bacterial, Hydrogenating, pH balancing, Far InfraRed 

Suitable for NWG 1 Drinking Water Filtration Engine System (filter #1)

Combination of Granulated Activated Carbon (GAC) and Blended Active Ceramic Media. Granular activated carbon (GAC) made from raw organic high in carbon materials removes chemicals dissolved in water passing through by trapping (adsorbing) the chemicals.

Advanced formulation of patented Ceramet active ceramic combinations for a wide range of contaminant removal including the most effective at controlling and eradicating bacteria. Effective at reducing the effects on health from lime scale and a very wide array of water impurities including chlorine, toxins, heavy metals, chlorine and fluoride. Effective at killing bacteria in water such as E-coli, Pseudomonas and other microorganisms. 

Hydrogenating producing hydrogen rich water, balances the pH of the water and produces Far Infrared energy to vitalise the body. The media cartridge also adds antioxidants and essential dietary minerals back into the water after filtering.


36-Month life span (Dependent on the water quality in your area)

20 litres/min flow rate 

Performance Guide 

98% Chlorine

98% Chloramines

85% Fluoride

99% E Coli

99% Herbicides

99% Pesticides

99% THMs ECBs TMEs

99% Trihalomethanes

98% Pseudomonas

98% Solvents incl PCBs PAHs

95% Benzene

99% Sediment

Trace Heavy Metals

Aluminium Trace

Arsenic (trace levels often found in tap water)

Lead Trace

Bad Tastes




Please see our help and resource centre for Install instructions 

For best performance from your NWG system always buy genuine cartridges from NWG and we do advise you to keep to the recommended service intervals.




The Purify step of the PRAE model is the foundation for providing the exceptional water quality resulting from each subsequent step. The Ceramic Active Media with its Far Infrared capability activates and informs the water having a large structuring effect into the water.


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