Ion Exchange Cartridge and Resin

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Mixed-bed ion-exchange cartridge and resin to remove both positive and negatively charged ions. Effectively combats both permanent and temporary hardness.

Suitable for:
Water Engines: NWG 1 Drinking Water Systems


ION Exchange Resin Cartridge and Media

Anti-scale, saltless softening, finishing and polishing using mixed-bed ion-exchange resin to
remove both positive and negatively charged ions in exchange for water forming molecules.

Consists of:
1. Cation Strong Gel Resin (Na⁺ Form) (gold)
2. Cation Weak Macroporous Resin (H⁺ Form) (white)

● Effectively combats both permanent and temporary hardness.
● Effectively reduces calcium and magnesium hardness levels in feed water.
● Prevents scaling that causes premature failure.
● Reduced energy cost in equipment longevity and less maintenance.
● Excellent selectivity of heavy metals including zinc, mercury and copper from potable
water supplies.
● Provides water softening properties without the sodium dosing usually found with
exclusive softening cartridges.

When combined with GAC, Carbon Block or Carbon Fibre and Active Ceramet filtration provides for a comprehensive treatment solution.

European ResAP (2004) 3
FDA Compliant Materials

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3+ months supply, 12 month supply


Suitable for:
NWG1: Filter #2

For Sizes:
NWG1: Standard 2.5” x 10”

Media Lifespan:
NWG1 Media change every 3-6 months

The cartridge housing can last up to 8 resin refills with the media before it is then advised to replace with a complete cartridge. Depending on usage our recommendation is to replace it with a new cartridge every 18m-36m. This comes complete with the internal ion resin media in place.



The Purify step of the PRAE model is the foundation for providing the exceptional water quality
resulting from each step.


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