Okato KH Replacement Softening Filter 3-Pack


KH Water Softening, Antibacterial, Ion-Exchange Resin to reduce limescale build-up in moderately hard water. 

Suitable for Okato Trio Softening Configuration

Ion-exchange resin to reduce limescale build-up in moderately hard water (limescale builds in 10-14 days). The patented ion-exchange fibre achieves a contact area of ​​water and sorbents 42 times higher than that of granular carbon filters (with a filtration rate four times higher). Can be be regenerated multiple times using salt. (limescale builds in 10-14 days).


  • Softening of moderately hard water. 
  • Scaling prevention.
  • Easy recovery in home conditions. 

For Okato Trio Softening Configuration Filter no2.


Filter lifespan:

The service life of the water filter is 5 years from the manufacturing date. The water filter should be replaced upon expiration of the service life. 

Service life of the in-use replacement filter cartridges:  

KH, 8000 litres maximum 1.5 years.

The service life of the replacement filter cartridges is set for filtering water to meet existing sanitary standards. The service life is calculated from the replacement filter cartridges manufacturing date. 

Shelf life of the water filter before operation is maximum 3 years at temperature from +5 to +38 °С, without removing the packaging. 

Warranty period of the water filter operation (excluding the replacement filter cartridges) is 1 year from the purchase date.


See our help and resource centre for Okato installations. 

Replacement Cartridge Installation Sequence:

Cartridge Order 1st` 2nd 3rd Wood Base Options
Solo K7B Oak, Maple, Nut, Cherry, Apple 
Duo K7 K7B
Trio Combo1  K3 K7B K7
Trio Combo 2 Softener K3 KH K7B
Nature K7B Ash, Maple, Nut, Cherry



Purify for deep purification and activation with active ionic silver compound.


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