Trinity Silver Vortex

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Revitalise   Activate   Environment

Crystal Triple Vortex, Silver with 3x Silver Vortex Chambers. Exquisite Triple Implosion Vortex. Three Crystal Vortex Chambers using Aquadea Light Crystal Technology:

  • Dynamic implosion vortex movement 
  • Perfectly tuned crystal water with harmonically infused vibrations
  • Resonant materials precision crafted to sacred geometric proportions 
  • Easy install, maintenance free 

Where Science and Technology meet Art and Consciousness


What is a Trinity?    Which Trinity for me?

Precision crafted powerful triple vortex and triple crystal, semi-precious gem combination immersed in 3 Natural Coherent Crystal Vortex Chambers. The unique vortex chambers combine implosion vortex technology, precious noble metals and exquisitely cut gems and crystals is known as ‘Aquadea Light Crystal Technology’ and are specifically chosen for their harmonious effect.  

Each vortex chamber comes with a choice of a precision cut crystal either Quartz or Rose Quartz as standard or a selection of bespoke choices allowing for unique combinations and is further encased in a choice of noble metals; Silver, Gold (or Titanium) for a highly resonant and magical water experience.  Crafted according to the "Golden Section" to produce geometrical vortices and coherent patterns of energy which amplify and accelerate the water invigorating and infusing much higher frequencies into the water and the energy field of the environment. Proportions are calibrated to within 1/100 mm in order to uphold this geometry. 

This combination of qualities and triple low to form a single flow of highly energised crystal water as if flowing from a high altitude mountain stream and supplies an unlimited amount of fresh, flowing, living, oxygen-rich highly-energised crystal water.

Modularly expandable to a Trinity "Opulence" simply by adding more triple vortex modules in harmonics of 3 and 5 modules, each with their individual choice of crystals, chambers and noble metal.

Easy installation in minutes, screw-on vortex, no technical expertise required. 


Health, Wellness and Beauty

  • Fine hexagonal water structures for optimal cellular hydration
  • Increased bioavailability 
  • Increased vitality and radiance 
  • Increased immunity and detoxification

Performance and Creativity

  • High-vibrational water for subtle gains and clarity
  • Improved energy, brain function and cognitive performance 
  • Increased bio photonic energy
  • Increased oxygenation


  • Increased ionisation for healthy environment
  • Infusion of coherent higher frequencies into environmental energy fields
  • Unlimited supply of high vibrational vortex water 
  • Deletion of previous vibrational pollutant


Each Aquadea Crystal Chamber integrates the following Aquadea 7 guiding principles each of which unite within the cortex chambers to produce a coherent field of water consciousness into the environment:

  1. Vortex 
  2. Dynamics – Movement – Implosion
  3. Sacred Geometry iaw Golden Ratio
  4. Crystals 
  5. Noble metals 
  6. Precision craftsmanship 
  7. Harmonious Resonant Combinations

The AQUADEA crystal vortex technology is based on the findings and specifications of Viktor Schauberger (1885-1958), an Austrian natural scientist known as the ‘Water Wizard’ derived the implosion technology, nature’s natural movement

When water flows through the vortex chamber it is accelerated into the vortex chambers. The energy builds resulting in an energetic transformation called implosion and creates a subtle, energetic vortex field in the space around the vortex chambers: a so-called “torus field.” 

This movement and action restores the water’s life-giving capability, self-cleaning power and dynamism resulting in an enhanced coherent hexagonal water structure due to the highly resonant vortex chambers. 

The resultant geometrical vortices and coherent patterns of energy amplify and accelerate the water invigorating and infusing much higher frequencies into the water and into the energy field of the environment. The end result is water full of vitality and information. 

Flow Rate at 4 bar – 10 litres/min


Supplied with vortex, bundle nozzle, thread adapter, 

Simple install, zero maintenance.

Simple screw fit, unscrew the tap aerator and screw the vortex in its place. Installed within minutes.  

Internal M22 thread

Supplied with M22/M24 thread adaptors. 

If these are not suitable other thread adapters are available. 

Zero maintenance, inspection, clean only with citric acid

Safety: Not to be installed after a low-pressure boiler located under the sink!

Extra Information

Trinity Silver is recommended for experience and pleasure of a cool, ‘sparkling’ fresh and lively drinking water with an unmistakable taste on a par with pure spring water.

With its antiseptic effect, the shiny white precious metal is used in naturopathy and modern medicine and for generations, silver has been used in jewellery and art. 

The orientation of quartz crystal and silver increases the liveliness and freshness. The water-conscious consumer can expect the pure “mountain stream experience” when drinking from this precious metal and stone combination.

The combination of silver with rose quartz, aligns the cool effect of silver with the warmth and joy of the rose quartz reflecting in a harmonious and fresh drinking experience. 

Materials: fine silver, bronze, crystals

Trinity Silver-Gold combines the cool, sparking, fresh and lively effect of silver with the softer harmonious effect of the golden internal vortex chambers for lightness, freshness and vitality. 

The quartz crystal encased in gold unleashes a “harmonious interplay”, complementing the warm and soft taste note with freshness and clarity.

Rose quartz being encased as a true friend of gold enhances the soft ‘note’ of gold water and seemingly melts in the mouth with its soft, yet warm ’mouthfeel’.  

Materials: fine silver, fine gold 24 k, bronze, crystals


Revitalise   Activate   Environment


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