Okato Style (Solo – Duo – Trio)


  Revitalise   Activate   Environment

Crystal Vortex Ultra-Filtration Counter-Top Water System

Combinations of deep ultra-filtration, antibacterial and conditioning filters with integrated precision vortex technology allowing for bacteria-free, fresh, highly structured invigorating water. The modular approach allows for an individual bespoke design tailor-made for individuals and all homes. 

‘A flowing Mountain Spring in your home in minutes’

Which to choose solo, duo or trio? Which vortex to choose?


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Precision crafted unique powerful vortex combinations of crystals, semi-precious gems and noble metals immersed in vortex chambers with combinations specifically chosen for their harmonious effect. Constructed according to the "golden section" producing geometrical vortices and coherent patterns of energy’. These amplify and accelerate the water invigorating and infusing much higher frequencies into the water and the energy field of the environment. Encased in a hand crafted wooden base available in numerous woods. Installs in minutes. Simple yet light years ahead

Probably the most advanced, geometrically perfect, versatile counter-top system existing.


  • Deep Ultra Filtration, Bacterial Removal and Softening option
  • Dynamic Implosion Vortex Movement 
  • Crystal Gem Drinking water tuned to harmonic vibrations
  • Resonant Materials Precision Cut to Sacred Geometric Proportions 
  • Easy installation, Quick Fit Filter Release, screw-on vortex

Suitable for...

  • Inner Cities/Urban Environments (Trio)
  • Rural/Natural/Private Water Sources (Duo)
  • Adventure and Frequent Travellers (Solo)

A true foundation for optimal health and beauty by ensuring the structure and architecture of the body is fuelled by life-invigorating waters:



Health, Wellness and Beauty

  • Revitalised Crystal-Gem Ultra-Purified water
  • Increased vitality and radiance 
  • Boosts immunity and increases detoxification

Performance and Creativity

  • High-vibrational water for subtle gains and clarity
  • Improved energy, brain function and cognitive performance 
  • Optimal cellular hydration


  • Infinite supply of high vibrational water 
  • Removes pollutants and effects of pollutants 
  • Creates a coherent field when in flow  
  • Maintenance free vortex 


Height  37cm
Diameter Foot 11cm
Diameter Stainless Steel Structure   8.5cm
Diameter Reach 9.5cm 
Hose Length 81cm
Weight (dry) with Cartridge (Solo) 2160g


Filtration Media 

K7B 0.8μm 0.1μm (Okato Solo)
Deep ultra-purification, 99.9% Antibacterial 

Two stage filtration. Ultra-dense CarbFibre Block for deep filtration of residual concentrations of organic contaminants and heavy metals at 0.8μm for optimal purification. Hollow fibre membrane removes particles at 0.1μm providing 99.99% protection from bacteria. Contains active ionic silver.

Filter life: 8000L


K7 Finishing (Okato Duo, Trio)
Deep ultra-purification, Conditioning, Finishing 0.8 μm

Modified Aqualen fibres distribute the water flow in an ultra-dense CarbFiber filter medium which provides for optimal purification. Removes: 99.99% of bacteria, animalcule, zooplankton and blue-green algae, pharmaceuticals, sediment, chlorine, heavy metals, organic compounds, pesticides, phenols. Contains active ionic silver.

Filter life: 8000L


K3 Prefiltration, (Okato Trio)
High-capacity, Pre-treatment filtration, 5μm

High sediment- holding capacity due to increased amount of selective ion-exchange Aqualen fibres to effectively remove colloidal and dissolved iron. CarbFiber Block technology contains granulated activated coconut carbon with an Aqualen mix. Filters particles down to 5 micron, removes active chlorine, organic compounds and heavy metals. Contains active ionic silver.

Filter life: 8000L


KH Water Softening, Antibacterial (Okato Trio)

ion-exchange resin to reduce limescale build-up in moderately hard water (limescale builds in 10-14 days). Can be regenerated multiple times using salt. 

(the patented ion-exchange fibre to achieve a contact area of ​​water and sorbents 42 times higher than that of granular carbon filters, with a filtration rate four times higher) check.

Filter life: 8000L


Okato Duo Combo K7 K7B 0.1μm
Ultrafiltration, Finishing, Conditioning    

99.99% bacteria protection and deep-water purification to 0.1μm

Sorption filter with an additional sub microfiltration stage for deep purification from dangerous contaminants: chlorine, heavy metals, pesticides, petroleum products, common toxins, allergens, bacteria and cysts. Conditioning and finishing down to 0.1μm. Contains active ionic silver.

Filter life: 8000L


Trio Combo2 K3 K7B K7 0.1μm
Pre Treatment, Ultrafiltration, Conditioning, Antibacterial 

99.99% bacteria protection and deep-water purification to 0.1μm

High-capacity sorption filter trio block with additional sub microfiltration stage for deep purification from dangerous contaminants: chlorine, heavy metals, or pesticides, petroleum products, common toxins, allergens, bacteria and cysts. Conditioning and finishing down to 0.1μm. Contains active ionic silver.

Filter life: 8000L


Okato Trio Combo1 K3 KH k7B 0.1μm
Pre Treatment, Softening, Ultrafiltration, Antibacterial

Universal carbfibre filter block that deeply purifies to 0.1μm whilst softening moderately hard water. 

Sorption filter with an additional sub microfiltration stage for deep purification from dangerous contaminants: chlorine, heavy metals, pesticides, petroleum products, common toxins, allergens, bacteria and cysts. ion-exchange resin to reduce limescale build-up in moderately hard water. Deep ultra-filtration down to 0.1μm with anti-bacterial mix. Contains active ionic silver.

Filter life: 6000L



AQUALEN® activated carbon blocks: 

Removes particles larger than the nominal or absolute specified filtration grade as well as certain pollutant spectra according to the different adsorption principles. (chemical and physical adsorption). 

The patented AQUALEN® process also achieves additional synergy effects, such as the principle avoidance of desorption (referring to the process in which atoms or molecules leave the surface of a solid body) [heavy metal ions]. That heavy metals are effectively retained and are not “washed” back into the water flowing through.


Aqualen is a unique fibrous material created by Aquaphor. As part of the Aquadea carbon block cartridges, it effectively reduces heavy metals such as copper, lead, iron, mercury and radioactive isotopes. Due to its hydrophilic properties, Aqualen fiber facilitates water flow through the cartridge increasing the efficiency of the purification.

CFB / Carbon Fibre Block

CFB is a technology used in production of carbon block cartridges using Aqualen fiber. Cartridges produced using this technology are more effective and durable, even in heavily contaminated water.

Dynamic Fixation of antibacterial Silver

In the Aquada – Aquaphor filters we use an effective and safe method of dealing with the propagation of bacteria. Thanks to DFS technology, ions of active silver are securely fixed to fibers of Aqualen, providing protection from microorganisms. Such use of silver meets European safety standards.



Aquaphor undergoes annual certification according to ISO 9001 standard, and all filters have been NSF and LGA certificated. Each of the 80+ patents represents a scientific discovery or invention which increases the effectiveness of the water filter. Everything that is acquired for the production of filters — such as plastics, activated carbon and resins — undergoes strict quality control. Aquaphor Research Center examines every batch of acquired materials and constantly monitors the quality of the product.

The underlying standards:

NSF/ANSI Standard 42: Drinking Water Treatment Plants – Aesthetic Effects
This standard covers point-of-use (POU) and point-of-entry (POE) systems designed to reduce the specific aesthetic or non-health hazards (chlorine, taste and odour and particulate matter) that may be present in public or private drinking water. 

NSF/ANSI Standard 53: Drinking Water Treatment Plants – Health Effects 

The Standard 53 is aimed at point-of-use (POU) and point-of-entry (POE) systems that reduce specific health-related contaminants, such as Cryptosporidium, Giardia, lead, volatile organic chemicals (VOC) and methyl tertiary butyl ether (MTBE), which may be present in public or private drinking water.

These tests are carried out with the coarser 5µ micron Aquaphor cartridge (K3) showing good test results. Our inner city/urban recommendation is for the K7B and K7 filters which are 0.1micron and 0.8 micron (at least 50x and 5x more powerful so the results can be considered greater by the same magnitude).

LGA: In selected products, Aquadea – AQUALEN® activated carbon blocks have been LGA certified.(Germany)

Test object: Activated carbon blocks with AQUALEN® technology.

Test results: These do not refer to activated carbon, but to activated carbon in combination with the AQUALEN® fibres used.


Table 1 with test standard NSF/ANSI as standard 53

Self-testing laboratory AQUAPHOR Corp., St. Petersburg

Flow rate: 2 litres/minute (one cartridge – even better values for 2 cartridges in series)

Lead: up to 99% [NSF/ANSI Standard 53]
Copper: up to 99%
Nickel: up to 95%
Uranium: more than 97%
Zinc: up to 95%
Iron: 50 to 95% depending on pH-value and valence of the ions
Manganese: 50 to 90% depending on pH-value
Aluminium: more than 95%


Table 2 with substances that are significantly reduced [“removed”].

Results Aquaphor Corp. St. Petersburg according to NSF protocol Aquaphor Corp.

• Alachlor
• Atrazin
• Benzol / Benzene [95%]
• Bromdihloretan
• Bromoform
• Carbofuran
• Tetrachlorkohlenstoff / Carbon tetrachloride
• Chlor/ chlorine
• Chlorobenzene
• Chloroform
• Trihalomethane (THM)
• Kriptospiridium
• Dibromhlorpropan
• Dibromochlormethane
• Ortho-Dichlorbenzol / ortho-dichlorobenzene
• para-Dichlorbenzol / para-dichlorobenzene
• 1,1-Dichlorethan / dichloroethane
• 1,2-Dichlorethan
• 1,1-Dichlorethylen
• cis-1 ,2-Dichlorethylen
• Ethylendibromid / ethylene dibromide
• trans-1 ,2-Dichlorethylen
• 1,2-Dichlorpropan
• Cis-1 ,3-dihlorpropilen
• Ethylbenzol / ethylbenzene
• Giardia lamblia
• Hexachlorbutadien
• Hexachlorcyclohexan
• Blei (Lead) [till 99%]
• Quecksilber / mercury
• Cadmium [till 97%]
• Lindan / lindane [till 97%]
• Methoxychlor
• Pentachlorphenol
• Simazin / simazine
• Styrol / styrene [Momomere]
• 1,1,2,2-Tetrachlorethan
• Tetrachlorethylen
• Toluol / toluene
• 1,2,4-Trichlorbenzol
• 1,1,1-Trichlorethan
• 1,1,2-Trichlorethan
• Trichlorethylen
• ortho-Xylol / ortho-xylene
• Meta-Xylol / meta-xylene
• Paraxylol / paraxylene

Table 3 with Retention Rates 

Tested Product: Aquaphore B510-02 10 “Activated Carbon Block [5µm] – the activated carbon blocks currently used by NWG are more than 5x finer in their structure at 0.8 µm, and more than 50x finer in their structure at 0.1µm

Translation, Russian from original protocol 

The results refer to the tested product and the conditions during performance.

Note on the selected substances in the tables:
– Chlorine is selected for water disinfection.
– Benzene is representative of the hydrocarbon sector.
– Phenol for organic substances. These are summarised as TOCs (total organic carbon) and VOCs (volatile organic compounds) as sum parameters which reflect the pollution of the water.
– Lead as an example of heavy metals
– The iron retention to the specified extent can be seen as a special quality feature.
– Lindane is selected from the range of pesticides, fungicides and herbicides.

Important information:

1. the listed substances may, but need not be contained in the water.
2. The results of the reduction may deviate in practice [both higher and lower reductions are possible], as the composition of the water, the total amount of filtrate, the concentration of the measured substance as well as the flow rate and the temperature may differ from the laboratory conditions. In this respect, the results listed are to be understood as orientation values. No water is the same.
3) The results refer exclusively to the named test object and the described test conditions. No part of this report may be published or reproduced without written permission.
4) In general, it should be noted that all activated carbon blocks have a limited adsorption capacity. The tap water available according to TVO (German drinking water ordinance) may contain traces of these contaminants, for the removal of which the capacity of the activated carbon blocks is sufficient within the filter change times and volume specifications.
5) Important: with carbon block or activated carbon: the slower the water flows, the longer the contact time and the higher the cleaning rate.

Subject to technical modifications.


Please see our help and resource centre

Replacement Cartridge Installation Sequence:

Cartridge Order 1st` 2nd 3rd Wood Base Options
Solo K7B Oak, Maple, Nut, Cherry, Apple 
Duo K7 K7B
Trio Combo1  K3 K7B K7
Trio Combo 2 Softener K3 KH K7B
Nature K7B Ash, Maple, Nut, Cherry


Filter lifespan

Service life of the water filter (excluding replacement filter cartridges) is 5 years from manufacturing date. The water filter shall be replaced upon expiration of the service life.

Individual filters 

Service life of the replacement filter cartridges of various filter types: 

K3 8000 litres maximum 1.5 years 

K7 8000 litres maximum 1.5 years 

K7B 8000 litres maximum 1.5 years 

KH 8000 litres maximum 1.5 years 

Combination filters:

К3, КH, К7 – 6000 litres maximum 1.5 years 

К3, К7В, К7 – 8000 litres maximum 1.5 years

Service life of the replacement filter cartridges is set for filtering water meeting existing sanitary standards. Service life of the cartridges is calculated starting from the day it is purchased at the retail. The purchase date of the water filter (with the replacement filter cartridges) is the date of the retailer’s stamp in this product certificate of date of the sales receipt. If the purchase date is not available, the service life is calculated from the replacement filter cartridges manufacturing date. 

Shelf life of the water filter (with the set of the replacement filter cartridges) before operation is maximum 3 years at temperature from +5 to +38 °С, without removing the packaging. 

Warranty period of the water filter operation (excluding the replacement filter cartridges) is 1 year from the purchase date. 


A complete PRAE system in itself: where science and technology meet art and consciousness. 

Purify – Revitalise – Activate – Environment

Provides an exceptional foundation at 0.1μm for deep ultrafiltration.  The vortex addition (whether Tone One or Trinity) has an instantaneous restructuring effect through the dynamic flow and geometric design. Combining some of the most resonant materials known with noble metals, crystals and precious gems cut to perfection and in accordance to the golden section informs and activates the water with highly charged information. The combination of dynamic flow, resonant materials has an effect on the surrounding environmental energetic field. As you the drinker engage with your consciousness as you enter the field is where the magic happens.  



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