Ultra Filtration


Anti Viral, Anti Bacterial, Ultrafiltration

High Filtering Precision and Versatility, equivalent to 0.1micron supplying clean, fresh invigorating hydrating water whilst retaining essential elements, salts and minerals at molecular level. Water in its cleanest yet life-giving form free from bacteria and viruses. 

Suitable for:

  1. Drinking Water Engines NWG-1 as filter no. 2 or 3
  2. Standalone UF Drinking Water filter with Whole House Water Engines (NWG 2-4-4D)
  3. Standalone UF Drinking Water Filter

Fits All sized houses and dwellings – tiny homes, mansion homes and commercial.

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Ultrafiltration via hollow membrane fibres and micropores trapping viruses and bacteria to 0.1 microns on the exterior of the hollow fibre. Designed for “outside” to “inside” operation, with a multitude of small tubes and fibres. Viruses, bacteria, lumps, solid particles and turbidity greater than 0.1 microns are trapped on the exterior of the hollow fibre, while dissolved salts and essential elements at a molecular level critical for human health, pass through and flow into the system. Suitable for all drinking water systems including Water Engines Sink and Home. Ideal for well, ground water sources, also for properties where microorganisms that break down waste need protection eg cesspits plus all municipal waters (they are often prone to bacteria outbreaks).


  • Precision membrane filter
  • Retains salts, minerals and essential elements at molecular level
  • High-capacity (2-3 years)
  • High-flow
  • Long-lasting, extended filter life (via occasional backwashing)
  • Chemical-free
  • Eco-friendly


  • Respects DM 174/2004 and DM 25/2012;
  • High filtering precision, equal to 0.1 micron;
  • Strong ability to retain contaminants, according to the principle of external pressure filtration, where dirt is trapped on the outer surface of the hollow fibre.
  • Applicable for a wide range of water quality to be treated with the PVDF the hollow fibre.
  • High flow guaranteed by the high permeability of the material and large surface of the fibre caves.
  • Possibility of repeated washing or backwashes from the inside to the outside;
  • High recovery rate of the initial flow after cleaning, which can reach up to 80%.
  • Good resistance of the traction hollow fibre, which guarantees a long product life. The single- membrane wire with coating film can withstand a tensile force of more than 1.5 MPa/m2.
  • Measurement reference 9 ¾” big socket
  • Colour Transparent casing
  • Material PVDF
  • Indicative weight(g) 875


Health, Wellness and Beauty

  • Boosts immunity and resistance to illness
  • Ultra clean
  • Invigorates skin, strengthens hair and nails for inner and outer beauty.

Performance and Creativity

  • Improved energy and brain function
  • Faster hydration and recovery
  • Enhanced Contaminant, Bacterial and Virus Removal


  • Protection against harmful bacteria, virus, hormones, pharmaceutical residues, micro-plastics
  • Long Life, recyclable materials and media
  • Deep cleaning of many impurities yet retains the essentials


  • High filtering precision, equal to 0.1 (µm) micron
  • Working pressure (MPa/m2) 0.1 ~ 0.4
  • Initial flow rate(L/h) 1200
  • Allowable temperature (°C) 4 ~ 40
  • Targeted Removal Viruses, bacteria, lumps, solid particles and turbidity greater than 0.1 micron (µm)
  • Long life guaranteed by the excellent physical and chemical properties of the hollow fiber, with a duration of 2-3 years (depending on the level of fouling of the treated water).


Replacing the Membrane:

  1. Close the water at the valves, open the filter, remove the old filter and insert the cartridge into the filter having the same dimensions as the cartridge;
  2. Make sure the filter is perfectly closed and sealed tightly. 
  3. Re-open the water and check that there are no leaks.

Cleaning Instructions:

  1. If the surface of the hollow fibre that constitutes the filtering element is dirty and the flow of water is significantly reduced, the filtering element should be cleaned.
  2. For traditional cleaning, remove the cartridge from the filter, and place the hollow fibre under the faucet to wash away the dirt. In this phase it is possible to lightly rub the fibre with your hand to facilitate the removal of dirt. For this operation use the cleanest water possible, in order not to further soil the cartridge.
  3. If the level of fouling of the hollow fibre is high or the same is encrusted with limestone, the membrane filter element can be inserted in a solution containing 5% citric acid, immersed for about 30 minutes, then washed with water current and / or rubbed by hand until the dirt is removed.
  4. After long periods of use and / or after some cleaning, the colour of the hollow fibre may tend to turn yellow, but this does not change the characteristics of the fibre itself.
  5. After cleaning, install the cartridge inside the filter. DO NOT DRY THE FILTERING ELEMENT after it has already been used or washed. This damages the fibres.

Backwashing Option:

  1. For systems with bypass for backwashing it is possible to periodically wash the cartridge by reversing the flow of water inside the filter. In this way the water passes from the inside of the fibre to the outside and detaches the dirt attached to the outer surface. This operation must last only a few minutes otherwise the interior of the hollow fibre may become clogged. If possible, use water already treated with the UF cartridge for this operation.

Installation Options:

  • Supply and Install
  • Supply Only

See our help and resource centre for all initial installation instructions.



Provides a sensational foundation for any PRAE system for deep bacterial and viral removal. 

Designed to ideally accompany a Water Revitalisation Unit (vortex or resonance) to complete into a full P.R.A.E system. This can be an installed inline undersink unit (vortex or resonance or both) or a screw-in tap vortex into a hybrid system (above and undersink).


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