Carbon Media Replacement Cartridge (Home Water Engine)

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Carbon Filter for NWG 2, NWG 4, NWG Duplex Whole House Filtration Water Engines 

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Advanced Carbon Fibre Block cartridge 

Carbon cartridges made with Advanced Carbon fibre technology are far more advanced than traditional carbon block cartridges. Benefits of higher flow rates, lower pressure drops, higher chlorine treatment capacity and less susceptibility to premature blocking from sediment make them the leading carbon cartridges on the market. The fibres (coated in powdered activated carbon) have a very large surface area to offer increased capacity, more flow paths to allow for increased flow and reduced pressure drop and also create areas where sediment and micro plastic particles can be trapped. 

The construction methods used in this Advanced Carbon Fibre cartridges allow for a variety of constituents to be incorporated that solve specific application problems. Lead and other heavy metals removal can be targeted, Cryptosporidium and Giardia cysts removed and developments that produce no fines or Sulphur release is a particular benefit in electroplating applications. 

Advanced Carbon Fibre technology also enables the use of moulded Santoprene gaskets, meaning no glues are used and the risk of end-caps being left in the housing during cartridge change is vastly reduced. 

Key Product Features

  • Highest chlorine reduction capacity in range
  • 5-micron particulate capture (Ideal for private water supplies)
  • Post-filtration layer to prevent fines release
  • Manufactured from entirely FDA compliant materials

Additional information


NWG 2 (10” Big Blue), NWG 4 (20” Big Blue), NWG 4 Duplex 2x (20” Big Blue)


24 Month life span (Dependent on the water quality in your area)

40-80 litres/min flow rate unit size dependent 

Performance Guide (In Conjunction with the Ceramic Media Filter):  

  • 98% Chlorine
  • 98% Chloramines
  • 85% Fluoride
  • 99% E Coli
  • 99% Herbicides
  • 99% Pesticides
  • 99% THMs ECBs TMEs
  • 99% Trihalomethanes
  • 98% Pseudomonas
  • 98% Solvents incl PCBs PAHs
  • 95% Benzene
  • 99% Sediment
  • Trace Heavy Metals
  • Aluminium Trace
  • Arsenic (trace levels often found in tap water)
  • Lead Trace
  • Bad Tastes
  • Odours




The Purify step of the PRAE model is the foundation for providing the exceptional water quality resulting from each subsequent step. The Ceramic Active Media with its Far Infrared capability activates and informs the water having a large structuring effect into the water.


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