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Delivering Ideas and Visions into Reality.

Water Strategies, Water Systems Design & Architecture, Innovative Water Technologies 





Bespoke and customised services for any water project to assist any individual, business, process or organisation in defining and delivering complex water issues, challenges and concepts.

Our Services

Water Systems Design and Architecture

Innovative Water Technologies

Water Security Climatic Adaption


Ecological Projects

Every individual, home and business
will need a water strategy

We’ve worked on.

Conscious Cafe

London’s finest water

Water Sommelier Report

Oxygenated spring waters

Community Drinking Fountains

 Investment plan

Membership Club Spa

Complete restyle


‘This water goes in English and comes out Scottish’…


Railton, Mechanical Engineer

We’re working on.

Cosmetic Innovation

Synergising water with beauty

Specialist Imprinted Waters


World Water Laboratory

Global collaborations in water science

Water Security

For Industrial Coatings Group

Marine Engineering

On board exquisite water

Green Airlines

Conceptual modeling

Organic Distillery

Conceptual modeling

Eco Innovation Village

Harnessing volcanic island waters

Waste to Energy

A water focused approach

Information Pharmacology

The future of health 


 Water Structuring Innovation has been used to great success:

Green Energy 



Heating & Climatic Control

Health and Wellness


Spa and Salon





Livestock & Equine



Restaurant & Cafes

Hotels & Hospitality

Our Flow

Structured Project Definition

Project Architecture and Modelling

Innovative Technologies

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Team and Expertise

Matt Thornton

Water Solutions Architect
Water Technologies 

Peter Hawkins

Complex Program Management and Design, Head of Innovation

Graham Brebner

Specialist Media, Innovation,
Bacterial Control

Glen Rein (PhD)

Research Scientist, Quantum Biologist,  Laboratory Director

Expertise & Network

Leading Scientific Water Team to include Hydrogeology (PhD), Climatology (PhD) , Marine, Environmental (PhD) and other key water related research and development areas.

Business and Systems Change Team including Systems Thinking, Generative Transformational Leadership, Planetary Innovation, Eco-Governance, New Economics, Conscious Business Culture, Strategic Business Architecture and Water Education.

‘The foundation of all cultures was knowledge and understanding of water

Viktor Schauberger

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