After you buy a Water System

Our post sale process and questionnaire will take you through the installation process and all the options available to you for a seamless approach to installing your system in the most suitable way for you. We’ll be joined by our installation partners Vital Installations, headed up by Marvyn and his team who are experts in water revitalisation and filtration installation, full of Aloha and are a delight to install. 

We”ll take you through a few questions about your house to clarify some details. Don’t worry as you may not know all the answers and that’s all ok. 

We just need to determine some clarity on:  

  • Your Mains inlet.
  • Your Stop cock location and condition. Does it still function? 
  • Water pressure, high or low.  
  • Possible installation locations? We’ll run through all the options
  • Approximate age of property (gives indication of pipe material).
  • Correct Adaptors, Sizing and Fitting 


We may in a very few circumstances do a pre-install site visit or a video call with you. 

Your options to who you’d like to install are:

  1. Installations by Us?
  2. Installation by you or your preferred plumber? 


We’ll provide an Install guide, O&M manual for either ours or your own installer, plus expert technical advice on call should you need it. 

We’ll hold your hand and guide you all the way. Our aim is to get you experiencing fabulous water as soon as possible and to offer a seamless installation service. 

Once it’s installed you’ll be in our system, we’ll nudge you and let you know when to refill, suggest ordering a replacement and supply all the technical know how when you need it.

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