We can only give an insight to the experience, the meaning, the spirit that runs throughout the deepest areas of this Blue Continent of Oceania and Polynesia as really it is something to be felt that infuses every cell… the ‘Spirit of Aloha’ which runs through everything in HaWai’i and throughout Polynesia.

At one level Aloha is a pure greeting of hello & goodbye, yet it moves deeper into a feeling of love, compassion, affection, peace, joy and delves further deeper still into the light with the sound, energy and consciousness from which it’s said. 

Aloha is a lifestyle, a way of being, a way of living in harmony with all things, a constant awareness of the lifeforce within all, said with a warmth and caring with no expectation or obligation for anything in return. Aloha Aku, Aloha Mai… Give Aloha, Receive Aloha. 

As people say Aloha healing permeates the entirety of the Polynesian islands. The Hawaiian language which is phonetic full of layers and sacred sounds fully embodies the energy of the word from which it is spoken and it all emerges from the Spirit of Aloha. 

Emanating from the breath from the voice in which it is spoken with a tone, sound and context Aloha sends a loving vibration into the world opening the gates of heaven allowing the intent of the original creative Divine energy  to be manifested. The name of the Divine is not spoken yet Ahhh… the sound of appreciation of the breath, relaxes you in this peace radiating the Divine energy throughout. Every sound or letter even has a meaning, every syllable a sacred meaning, Alo… the presence of the Creator, the Divine, God, Spirit is within us, Ha…the breath… Aloha… the breath of God is in our presence.

Aloha is a way of being, a lifestyle, a life long learning process … and is one of the greatest gifts of Polynesia to the world. We could say it is similar to Nameste, Kaninye, Ubuntu and all the 1000’s of traditional words each with their own subtlety of understanding. Yet they are something to be felt and embodied and the resonant sound of the word will emerge. 

I was asked to pass it on 🌊


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