Before you buy a Water Filtration System

Before you buy a Water Filtration System (FAQs Before you Buy)

For any product that requires installation here are some useful tips before you buy 


Where do I fit the filter?

The whole house water engine can be positioned at various locations:

  1. At the water mains point-of-entry, or
  2. A remote place (plant room, garage, loft, cupboard, under stairs, outside, boiler cupboard etc)


The drinking water engine can be installed under the sink as close as possible to the point-of-use. 

The countertop system simply attaches to the tap. It will require the right adaptor. Most of the time these are standard, on a number of occasions we may need some specialist adaptors.  


Do I need to know the exact install location before i buy?

We recommend you have a general idea where you think it will go and where you would like it installed. Our expert installers and after sales installation will refine that choice for you. 


How do I know if it will fit my property? 

Each unit has the dimensions in the technical section so you can see how much space you will need. We recommend allowing for some extra room for installations and give some guidance in the technical section for this allowance.

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