What Water Systems are actually available?  

There are only 2 types of domestic Water Systems available: 


Whole House Systems

  • for drinking, cooking, washing, showering, bathing, heating 
  • Installed generally at Point-of Entry 
  • For People & Pets, Whole Buildings, Internal Environments


Drinking Water Systems

  • For drinking and cooking only
  • Installed or placed generally under the sink or by the kitchen tap.
  • For People & Pets only 


These come in various guises: 

  • Under sink
  • Counter top
  • Gravity*
  • Distiller*
  • Ioniser*

There are merits to all the above methodologies but our PRAE methodology using dynamic flow, resonance and harmonisation provides sophisticated and elegant solutions that will bring high spring-like quality, bio energetically invigorating water to each point-of-use solution. Our current methods are Under Sink and Counter Top. 

*We consider that these other methodologies currently do not fulfil our water philosophy to produce the necessary bio energetically invigorated structured waters. We are consistently investigating these to see if we can incorporate them and will have some solutions in the near future. 


What’s the right water system for me?

At this stage we can decide whether a Whole House System or a Dinking Water System is right for you? 


What is my Budget? 

The best investment you can make for the continual health of you and your family is in a water ecosystem which will supply unlimited amounts of high spring quality, revitalised, structured, bio energetically invigorating water to you whenever you need it. 

In each category you can select your budget size and we will filter that for you. We’ve looked to cater for all budgets from entry level to higher level. Note each of our Water Engines (Filters) are for ALL budgets, they don’t change. The revitalisation units are more diverse in budget.   


Choose your Size and Capacity

For Whole House Systems we decide the size of the system through the number of bathrooms. 

Studio Flat / Single Person / All Drinking Water 20 litres/minute

Up to 2 Bathrooms – 40 litres/minute

Up to 4 Bathrooms – 80 litres/minute

Up to 8 Bathrooms – 160 litres/minute

For Drinking Water, one size fits all. Our Drinking Water Engine provides up to 20 litres/minute. 


Choice of Anti Scale, Polishing, Finishing 

This is an option for all Water Engines, we recommend it for all hard water areas as a saltless softening solution so if you have problems with scale then this is the solution for you. It does mean that filter #3 will need replacing every 3+ months depending on usage. We supply all the media for you for 12 months so you don’t need any replacements in your first year. 

It also polishes and finishes the water to exceptional quality so even in softer waters it has an enhancing effect. 


Choice of Ultra Filtration

Additionally we have the option to go to a sub micron (Ultra Filtration) membrane filter to further increase the depth of filtration for drinking water without losing the mineralisation. So the end result is an exquisite water rich in character, hydrogen-rich, mineral rich and yet free from deep mischief. 

For a Whole House System this would be installed solely at the point-of-use and so separate from the Whole House System which is positioned at the point-of-entry. This would then require 2 installations, the larger Whole House System at point-of-mains entry and the smaller Ultra Filtration unit installed at the point-of-use kitchen sink. 

For a Drinking Water System this will be supplied, connected to and in combination with the Drinking Water Engine and so will just be a simple one unit installation. 


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