Do we provide an installation service?

Yes we do, 

We’ve teamed up for the past few years with our installation partners Vital Installations, headed up by Marvyn and his team who are experts in water revitalisation and filtration installation, full of Aloha and are a delight to install. We’ve traveled many a water journey together. 

They’re based in Glastonbury and can do most of the South of England from Birmingham and below, possibly Manchester, and NW England. We are also expanding throughout the U.K and getting connected to a network of plumbers. If we are unable in your area we can assist you in finding a qualified installer and will guide them as well offering them all the information and technical expertise. Our after sales installation service will guide you on this journey.  

Your options to who you’d like to install are 

  1. Installations by us?
  2. Installation by you or your preferred plumber? 


We’ll provide an Install guide, O&M manual for either ours or your own installer, plus expert technical advice on call should you need it. 

We’ll hold your hand and guide you all the way. Our aim is to get you experiencing fabulous water as soon as possible and to offer a seamless installation service. 

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