What is Hado?

The word ‘hado’ is Japanese. It consists of two characters: ‘wave’ and ‘move’, and at one level means vibration. The fundamental principles of Hado are vibration and resonance. Hado and water cannot be separated. The fundamentals of life: water, vibration & resonance are key to understanding Hado. 

Every living being (in fact, everything in the universe!) is in a state of vibration. And this means every part of you from your organs to your bones to your tissues to the fluid in your cells and the various fields around your body, each will have its own intrinsic vibration.

At a deeper level of understanding Hado is the vibrating pattern that is ever present within the sub-atomic level of all matter, the absolute smallest measurable unit of energy, the basis of which is the energy of human consciousness. 

Hado information pertains to the qualitative aspect of the vibration, or more precise to the quality of the consciousness from which the emergent information emerges as vibration. Hence it relates to the shape of the wave and subsequent form or geometrical pattern.

Everything with life encompasses its own Hado energy, all subatomic particles have their intrinsic Hado and two things will resonate with each other if they have the same frequency or harmonic of the frequency at all scales within the universe. That is the resonance phenomenon. Positive Hado resonates with good physical and mental health and all good aspects. Conversely Negative Hado resonates with illness and negativity such as stress and the Hado of negativity will result. Our mind and body are affected by all vibrations our consciousness resonates with, attracting things and occurrences into our life, both positive and negative.

The emerging new science of water with new equipment, technology techniques and protocols has given us incredible new ways of seeing into water like never before. It  shows water to have incredible properties in contrast to what is classically thought, showing itself to be an active, self-organising aqueous system with abilities to structure both near surfaces and within the bulk main water and to be in dialogue with its environment. 

The relationships between these structures, coherent domains and with the environment is key. This provides the basis of explanation how Hado information can be carried inside the subatomic particles through the water.

For a deeper experience oh Hado we offer a personal service using a unique Marine Plasma water. Hado measurement and therapy allows us access into the subconscious disturbances of the physical, energetic fields and the mind, making them conscious, harmonised and neutralised. The end result is bringing the body back into homeostasis and harmony for optimal health and well-being. Contact hello@newwatergeneration.com and our personal Hado therapist Maat Thor will contact you personally.  

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