How to choose a Filtration system

The Filter is the Work Horse, which we call the Water Engine. Think of a filter as the foundation. This is the mischief removal phase (P in PRAE) so it’s important to have the strongest foundation possible before going into the revitalisation phase (RAE in PRAE).

Choice 1 is to choose between a Whole House System or a Drinking Water System

See How to Choose a System


Choice 2 is determine the size, capacity

We use Flow Rates for Flow Capacity: 

  • Studio Flat / Single Person / Drinking Water 20 litres/minute
  • Up to 2 Bathrooms – 40 litres/minute
  • Up to 4 Bathrooms – 80 litres/minute
  • Up to 8 Bathrooms – 160 litres/minute

For the Drinking Water Unit there is one standard rate suitable for ALL house sizes. 

All Drinking Water Systems provide up to 20 litres/minute flow


Choice 3 is to have the optional Anti Scale and Polishing or not. 


Choice 4 is to have the optional Ultra Filtration Unit. This deepens the Drinking Water Filtration into sub-micron performance with deeper bacterial and virus removal.  

We also have specific filters such as Shower Filters and coming soon Outdoor/Recreational Filters for Garden, Garage (for car), RVs/Campers, Marine/Boat filters.

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