How to choose a PRAE water system?

There are 2 aspects to our PRAE water systems

  1. Filtration phase (P – Purify)
  2. Revitalisation phase (RAE – Revitalise – Activate – Environment)  

First we choose the right filtration unit. 

Second we choose the right water revitaliser or combination of water revitalisers

A full PRAE system is where we look to encompass every step in the P.R.A.E model.. 

At its minimum it includes a filter system plus one revitalisation unit downstream of the filter. All filters encompass P for Purify, all revitalisation units encompass either R (Revitalise) or A (Activate) as their primary role, then fulfil the other A or the R role as its secondary role. You can add as many revitalisation units as you wish for specific purposes. See Environment.  

A full PRAE system is where we install a foundation Water Filtration Engine (P in PRAE, either a Whole House or Drinking Water Engine) followed by a revitalisation unit, either a vortex and/or a resonance unit (either R and/or A or both as some have both properties). 

We can position these: 

  1. Both at the Point of Entry to the house, called a Whole House System or 
  2. Both at the Point of Use at the sink, called a Drinking Water System or
  3. We combine systems into a Hybrid System.
    • The Hybrid combines a Water Filtration Engine with a Revitalisation Unit (vortex and/or resonance) positioned elsewhere and not adjacent to the filtration unit.

A Whole House Hybrid System is where we install a Whole House Water Engine at the Point-of-Entry plus a Tap Vortex and/or a Showerhead elsewhere in the house. A Point of Entry Filtration System with a Point of Use Revitalisation System. 

A Drinking Water Hybrid System is where we have an Undersink Filtration Unit followed by a Tap Vortex (counter top).  

A Hybrid System is all about thinking modular and creating various combinations and finessing the water quality at the various points of use. 

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