How to choose a water revitalisation unit

Water Revitalisation units come in various forms, have various properties, come in various materials and all produce a slightly different high quality structured water.

For ease we differentiate them by either a vortex or a resonance. A vortex is a dynamic flow device that makes the water flow in unique ways resulting in an invigorating structured activated alive water. In a resonance unit the water flows through it but uses resonance (high vibrational natural coherent information) to influence the water, so in effect the resonance effect doesn’t physcal touch the water but through resonance is imparted into the structure of the water. See resonance 

There are various types of vortex each producing a unique flow: 

  • The Aquavort produces a double helix flow (implosion flow) that has a geometric (form/shape) resonance to our DNA. 
  • The QVA produces a quadruple more complex flow (implosion flow).
  • The Rejuven8r uses springs to produce a high density vortex effect (implosion flow).
  • Our additional vortex use crystal balls to create micro vortices throughout (cascade flow). 

The flow through a vortex is complex. We differentiate the flow by suggesting it can be an implosion effect (like a tornado) or a cascade effect (like a waterfall).

The secondary effect of the vortex is to activate the water.

Resonance units effectively use higher information to inform and activate the water with organising energies. Whilst informing the water with higher information the effect is a coherent structure held within the water. These devices do not directly change the water flow.

Some units conduct both vortex and resonance such as the Rejuven8r, probably the most powerful units on the market today. 

If you wish to choose both units (the ultimate combination) then we simply install one after the other. 

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