I already have a water system, can I enhance it?

Yes, of course. We encourage anyone who already has a water system to use it as part of their Water EcoSystem, firstly to see if we can enhance that unit and secondly to think modular by adding to it with various PRAE bundles for the kitchen, shower, bath, garden, garage etc. 


Your options are either: 

  1. New Whole House Solution
  2. New Drinking Water Solution
  3. Enhance your existing solution. You may already have a filter, an RO unit, a distiller, an ioniser or a gravity fed filter system. 


For option 3 to enhance here are some suggestions: 

  1. Add Additional Filtration units, such as Ceramic, Anti Scale, Ultrafiltration 
  2. Add a Revitalisation Unit after your existing filter/device.
  3. Add a Tap Vortex to the RO, Ioniser faucet. Note these are lower flow devices and will require a specific adaptor. 
  4. Encompass energy devices to enhance the gravity fed (Ceramic Balls, Shungite, Energy Boards)
  5. Use Marine Plasma and a Counter Top Vortex to enhance the Distilled Water

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