Initial Considerations

What are you looking to achieve?

  1. Improved or optimal Health? 
    • If there are any health issues you have with skin ailments or irritation or sensitive digestion or IBS please let us know beforehand as certain materials induce trace elements into the water and it is important to follow the installation protocols in these cases. With sensitive skin it may even mean we adjust to a bespoke media combination for you. 
  2. Increased and sustained mental clarity or physical Performance? 
  3. A cleaner, more toxic-free Environment? 
  4. Other? 


Where is your original water sourced from? (recommended to know)

Your water authority will know this and it could be aquifer, river, lake, reservoir, municipal, private, well. This is recommended to know as it gives a history of how the water has travelled, how far and how it will have been treated, and an indication to us of how much revitalisation we should do. This will enhance the final experience. 


Conduct a Water Analysis? (optional but advised)

It’s always good to conduct a pre water analysis both physical and microbiological to see what actually is in the water. Note this gives just the physical quality of the water not the energetic quality. There is another option to ask for a generic water quality for your area from your water authority. Their websites will offer this and will be based upon your area. It is by no means an accurate measurement but an indication whereas the physical and microbiological test is specific and accurate to your house hence this is recommended. Note there are also very sophisticated measurements which delve deep into the mischief sadly at higher cost. We are considering if this is a suitable service to offer. Let us know if you deem this necessary. For each analysis we will review the results with you.

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