My Water EcoSystem

Imagine an entire water ecosystem for your whole house and lifestyle to include drinking, cooking, washing, showering, bathing, heating, garden, travel and to create the right solution for each zone. 

You can build your Water Eco System all at once or build a strong foundation (Water Engine) first and then add to it in your own time as your budget allows. 

  1. Build a Strong Foundation (Water Engine).
    • Whole House Water Engine will be the heart of your home solution.
    • Drinking Water Engine will provide for a powerful Drinking Water solution for you. 
  2. Choose your Revitalisation methods and units.
    • There are many to choose from Whole House, Undersink, Tap, Shower, Garden and either using a vortex or resonance methodology or both.  
    • These can be added either inline after the filtration water engine either for the whole house or undersink or countertop or as a hybrid solution using a Tap or Shower vortex
  3. Create Modular Solutions (PRAE Bundles) according to your budget.
    • PRAE for the house
    • PRAE to drink
    • PRAE under the sink
    • PRAE for a shower
    • PRAE in the Garden
    • PRAE for Heating

Our modular solutions (PRAE bundles) look to offer a water solution at every point where you drink, cook, bathe, shower, irrigate your garden, wash your clothes or even your car.

A Whole House Bundle can actually provide ALL of these solutions for you.You can then finesse each zone with its own individual revitalisation unit. No further filtration is required through the house as the foundation is strong.  

A Drinking Water Bundle will provide water for drinking and cooking only, so you can create a separate shower, bath, garden garage solution if you needed.

Whatever foundation Water Engine system you decide to buy you can finesse the water quality at each water point-of-use with various specific Water Revitalisers and PRAE bundles.

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My Water Engine

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