My Water Engine

The foundation of the PRAE (P in PRAE) model is the Water Engine. This is the purification and preparation phase (P) before the revitalisation phase (RAE). The Water Engine consists of our multiple ceramic combination water filter, normally combined with the Carbon Pre Filter. 

The main aspect of the Water Engine is the specific combination of ceramics that do the work to remove the majority of the mischief from the water. The Carbon is for additional deep pre-removal, whilst offering a smoothness to the taste.

The choice is to have a Whole House Water Filtration Engine (from small to large mansion houses) positioned at the Point of Entry into the house or a Drinking Water Filtration Engine (one for all house sizes) positioned under the sink. 

With any Water Filtration Engine your choice is to then add whatever revitalisation device downstream and complete it into a full PRAE system. That may be an adjacent in-line vortex, or to think in terms of a modular water eco system and finesse the water with a tap vortex, a shower head of a combination of all. 


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