New U.K. shipping regulations due Brexit and Covid restrictions are affecting all U.K. import and export orders. Whilst the infrastructure and understanding is still in transition we can expect delays for our deliveries anywhere from 1-3 weeks extra. 

You may also be charged VAT. If this happens, don’t worry as we will reimburse you. Please reach out to our support team at  

We apologise if this affects you but bear in mind we are resolving all issues. Thank you for your support and patience. 



Please contact us at for any returns and we will guide you the best way for you.



Each supplier and manufacturer offer warranties and all our installed filtration units are certified. 

You’ll find the exact warranty for each product in the technical section of the product in the product page. They will be somewhere between 1 year and lifetime warranty depending on the unit. 

As an extension to this any installed product if you do not feel you are benefiting from this within 90 days we will be happy to accept it or exchange it for an alternative. 

Please contact us at for any queries you may have.

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