The Water Journey

Whilst we all have a relationship with water, for some it may be immensely subtle, for others somewhat deeper. Yes it begins where you are and with whatever discipline or understanding you have. 

As our understanding of water deepens so does our experience of water. With an awareness of new principles, either emerging new science or traditional and indigenous or other there comes a magic point where we realise water is not a background event but it’s the foreground, the main event, the organiser of all and it’s everywhere. 

Our eyes towards how we view biological life, nature, the cosmos, our consciousness will be challenged into one of collective responsibility, not one that could be considered burdensome but exactly the opposite, one of freedom propelling a  collective evolution into the next evolution of human consciousness. 

The Water Journey is a journey we all at some stage will take. It’s simply a case of when. Ultimately it’s a journey of remembering. There you will find us. 

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