Vortex… Natures Engine

The vortex is nature’s mechanism for increasing the quality of energy from a lower to a higher level hence can be seen as a doorway between different qualities or levels of energy. 

It is a natural principle that more refined qualitative energy will always prevail over the coarser. Hence evolution utilises this movement as a powerful tool, and is perhaps water’s most constructive role in using the vortex for this very purpose.

The Austrian forester, legendary Viktor Schauberger, the Water Wizard almost 100 years ago recognised the vortex as the principal creative movement system in the Universe. He observed that nature’s evolutionary ‘purpose’ is continually to refine and to create greater complexity and diversity, the vortex being the key process in this.

Water that flows freely in nature moves is in vortex motion, due largely by the earths rotation which causes all fluids to move in spirals. This motion is essential for preserving and perpetuating water’s life-giving properties. 

The condition required to produce the vortex is turbulence, or chaotic motion. Chaos theory in the early 1980s, suggested that life is created from chaos. As the ideal media of chaos because of their unpredictable and turbulent behaviour, the movement of fluids and water create a turbulent flow which creates vortices and spirals in an energetic stream, with the flow direction constantly changing. 

The turbulent flow or disorder creates simultaneously oscillating stable and unstable systems that are spiral-form in structure leading to greater order. This oscillation between stable and unstable enables a dynamic homoeostasis (stability) to exist, and to increase complexity and energy levels. 

The vortex became the core of Schauberger’s eco-technology and is the core of all our different precision vortex each producing a unique dynamic flow. 

You can see this form everywhere at all levels from micro to meso to macroscopic levels, from atoms, cells, seeds, flowers, trees, animals, humans, hurricanes, planets, suns, galaxies and even the furthest places deep in the cosmos as a whole. Black holes can be thought of as vortices, gateways linking different parts of our universe or even different universes. 

It’s the quality of all movement that’s key.

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