Water and the Environment

The emerging new science and discoveries of water with new measurement technologies makes it possible to now view the complex nature of water and its relationship to a healthy environment.

We can see just how sensitive water is to its environment notably its sensitivity to:  

•  Surfaces
•  Materials
•  Movement
•  Sound
•  Light
•  Cosmic Events (Moon phases, sun spots, eclipses etc)
•  Human Consciousness 

The mechanisms of how this happens is at the cutting edge of water science and is still yet to be fully understood. 

We may further break these down into outer environment (nature) and inner environment (nature), the inner environment (nature) referring to our own consciousness. Studies conducted by a friend to the New Water Generation, the late and great pioneer and water emissary Dr Masaru Emoto majestically showed the intrinsic connection between water and human consciousness and how water can be influenced by conscious intent. More recent studies of consciousness emerging from the highest level of Russian science suggest that all consciousness interactions involve water and propose that water is the material matrix for consciousness throughout the universe. 

With such stunning suggestions it highlights our responsibility to have a clean, pure inner and outer environment (nature). 

The PRAE model looks to respect all these sensitivities and to manage and treat water in accordance with nature’s principles of rhythm and flow.

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