Water Ceremony

Ceremonies were once common throughout the seasons and years to give thanks to all things, the changing of seasons, cosmic events and many other reasons. They are multicultural, involve all generations and have been conducted since time began. 

The greatest relationship we can develop to water is through water ceremony. The simplest of all ceremonies is the thought or spoken word of thank you before drinking it and said with the energy of reverence, anytime, anyplace with every sip. 

As we develop our ceremonies we can bring extra elements to them such as prayers, invocations, offerings, song, dance and involve as many people, cultures as possible. Ceremony is really a journey of remembering how we used to revere nature and all its richness and abundance. They are older than any religion and part of humanity’s evolution. 

When you begin with water ceremonies you will love them. We ask you to look to bring back water ceremony into your world and If you are so interested email us at hello@newwatergeneration.com and we will offer you our Emoto signature ceremony flow. Dr Masaru Emoto brought back ceremony, taught us personally, made it universal and he could see it becoming mainstream. This is that time. 

At its deepest level, everything is ceremony. 

‘Nothing will change until we bring back ceremony’… 

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