Our Vision For a New Water Generation


Attain the unattainable: A world that’s moved beyond pollution. A water conscious generation that has reverence for each drop.


For everyone to experience, understand and have access to the true nature of water.

Who we are

The New Water Generation are people just like you and I, a network, a family of scientists, technologists, environmentalists meeting in harmony with artists, mystics, traditional wisdoms and indigenous peoples all seemingly on a water journey. There is no bias to our backgrounds be it academic, creative, artistic or traditional but there is a point, a magic point on this journey where there exists nothing but reverence from all for every drop to this magical flowing substance and with that comes a new set of eyes into nature. 

We are simply individuals, families and cultures that have this place of reverence.

Why we exist

Recent choices have ignored the wisdom of both water and nature in adopting technologies and management schemes that violate, ignore, or override waters’ natural rhythms, patterns and preferences. Without intending to, we have created massive sustainability and environmental problems for future generations, the actual size of the real problem is perhaps unknown.

The perception is modern distribution and treatment systems deliver a declared safe water but which is actually life-degrading. The facts are that treated water does not support optimal health of the consumers.

Water Shame

Trillion litres of water

Million Tonnes of Sewage

Of all water sources

Billion dollars spent

stagnated each year due extraction for human use, losing its freely moving dynamic flow.

industrial and agricultural waste are discharged into the worlds waters each day

polluted with micro plastics

each year treating water problems with chemical-mechanical interventions without solving the issues.

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The cost of this extraction, denaturing and destructuring to the life-giving dynamic properties of water is incalculable and is probably the biggest contributor to systemic disease, climate breakdown and environmental destruction.

This is where the New Water Generation comes in.

Water that continues to Flow

flowing our profits, resources and expertise into

Future Water Science

Accelerating the next breakthroughs

Water Education for a Future Generation

And for their next generation too

Water and Spring Protection

the lifeblood of the Earth

Environmental Harmonisation

Nature is us and we are nature 


The birthplace of the spring

Our only true partner are the Waters

Building a Culture

What we seek…

How we realise, through… 

How we deliver…

Restoration … to heal, to protect, reversing centuries of wilful, neglect, harm and destruction.

Evolutionin our consciousness, to a deeper awareness of the interconnected world. 

Authenticity … to be transparent, pure like the water. 

Harmony … in our voice, our words, our actions. Between our technology and biological life.

Humility … our answer is not the answer, we are always listening, ready to recourse.

Understanding of the true nature and purpose of water, nature’s design language. 

Redefining … a new Water Quality, the right water, the right time, in the right way. 

Deepening … Relationships between humanity and water. 

Potential to fulfil our highest potential in mind and body for individuals, family and community.

Universal Access to water for all beings, an end to water poverty.

Challengers … we refuse to accept accepted norms, we are unconventional over impossible.

Connectors …   to the waters, to each other, to all people, to the planet.

Optimists… we see the good, are patient, undeterred, we adapt, we seek to inspire, to enthuse.

Generously … we give our time, knowledge, wisdom, we collaborate, we share for the greater good, for the waters.

Innovators … in ways of doing and experiencing to bring deep into awareness.

WITH only one rule:

Aloha Aku, Aloha Mai… Give Aloha, Receive Aloha

Mahalo to the people and cultures of the blue continent … Oceania, for their guidance, wisdom and reverence to the waters.

“We are dedicated to giving you an experience and understanding of the true nature and magic of water.  It is when we begin to understand water that the roadmap to ending all pollution will begin, anything else is incomprehensible

Matt Thornton Founder
Water Sommelier, Emoto Hado Instructor, Water Solutions Architect, Broadcaster, Speaker

Wow, you made it thus far, explorers and seekers like you should join and help us flow.